Worth The Drive: Observatory Park

Worth The Drive: Observatory Park
Observatory Park

Photograph by MirAnia Photography, courtesy Observatory Park

This Friday, Jupiter will be in opposition, which means the only brighter objects in the sky will be Venus, the moon, and that stray UFO. But even with this celestial light show on offer, there’s just no substitute for remote sky gazing. So head north to Ohio’s certified Dark Sky Park.

“Dark Sky Park” isn’t just a description: Parks have to follow strict guidelines to become certified. Observatory Park, where Dark Sky Park is located, has only downward facing red lights, which reduce light pollution and increase your ability to see all the night sky has to offer. When the weather conditions are right, this can mean you have an opportunity to see an absolutely dazzling night sky.

In addition to Jupiter, you’ll also get to see constellations like Cancer, Gemini, Pegasus, Andromeda, and Ursas Major and Minor. Bring a copy of this month’s sky map and a compass so that you can join the centuries worth of players of astrological connect-the-dots.

Friday night is going to be partly cloudy and around 19 degrees, so dress warm and bring a blanket.

Observatory Park, 10610 Clay Street, Montville, OH, (440) 279-0820, geaugaparkdistrict.org/parks/observatorypark.shtml

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