Flour Power in Bloomington

Loaf around in Bloomington, Indiana.

Eric Schedler and Katie Zukof take homemade to heart at Muddy Fork Farm & Bakery. They fuel their wood-fired brick oven with scrap wood. Loaves of sourdough, rye, whole wheat, and focaccia are made with wheat grown in nearby Seymour, and stone-ground weekly. Croissants are layered with sheets of cultured butter churned the day before, and the couple takes advantage of the oven’s receding heat to toast granola and muesli. The breads and pastries are so loved by locals that when the first bakery burned down in early 2014, the community was quick to raise funds for a rebuild. Get the goods at the farmer’s market in downtown Bloomington (Saturdays April–September), any Bloomingfoods location, or pick up their products (and their secrets!) at a daylong sourdough- or croissant-making workshop. muddyforkbakery.com

Originally published in the May 2015 issue.

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