Top 5 Hidden Cincinnati Gems

Top 5 Hidden Cincinnati Gems
Photograph via Craig Niemi, Director of the Cincinnati Observatory

1. See stars at the Cincinnati Observatory.
If date night at a bar just isn’t cutting it anymore, head to the Cincinnati Observatory in Mt. Lookout, otherwise known as “the birthplace of American astronomy.” The beautiful observatory was restored in 1999 and is the oldest of its kind in the country. If you have a strange intergalactic wanderlust, then this is the place to go. 3489 Observatory Place, Mt. Lookout,

2. Take a tour of local breweries on the Cincy Beer Bus.
Cincinnati craft beer buffs rejoice! The Cincy Beer Bus provides tours of local breweries and free samples of craft beers. Learn about Cincinnati’s everlasting love for beer and its rich brewing history on one of the city’s greatest tours. To register, go to

3. Pig out on a sandwich from Eli’s.
We know better than anyone that there is no such thing as one “best” barbecue sandwich, but Eli’s pulled pork sandwich comes dangerously close. Head to the new location in Over-the-Rhine and try the ribs and jalapeño cheese grits. 133 West Elder St., East End and Over-the-Rhine,

4. Show Neighborhood Chili Parlors Some Love.
We all know that Skyline is the chili to get in town, but what about the other parlors that inspired that sweet Cincinnati taste? You can drive anywhere in the city and still be just a couple miles from a chili parlor. Try the three-ways at Camp Washington Chili and the coneys at Delhi chili to find out just what makes Cincinnati chili so damn tasty.

5. See the city at the top of Carew Tower.
Carew Tower is one of Cincinnati’s tallest buildings, standing at more than 570 feet tall, so of course we want to stand on top of it. If you are feeling brave enough, head up to the observation deck at the top of Carew and see our beautiful city from a new (albeit terrifying) perspective. Tickets are only $2 for adults and $1 for children. 441 Vine St., Downtown Cincinnati

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