This Madeira Bakery Turns Leftover Brewery Grains into Dog Treats


Brewhaus Bakery cooks up oven-baked dog treats made from whole grains proudly sourced from area breweries. And they’re not just finding a clever reuse for discarded brewing barley. The nonprofit also provides vocational training for young adults with disabilities. “[We] seek to grow, reinforce, and strengthen a socially conscious business model through the production of handcrafted baked goods for both pets and people in a collaborative environment,” says Lisa Graham, founder of Brewhaus Bakery. Two veterinary advisors review each recipe prior to production to ensure the treats are both safe and tasty for our four-legged friends. Compared to other treats, they are easier on digestion, with a lower allergen risk. Even you can enjoy some tasty treats, Graham says. “We only use a grain bill of 100-percent malted barley.… [It’s a] safe, nutritious ingredient for both humans and dogs.” Try to save some for the dogs, of course.

Brewhaus Bakery, 6927 Miami Ave., Madeira, (513) 520-0310,

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