Reboot Your Fitness: Burn Through Those Calories

CM_FEB15_Feature_Reboot_SportsFor our February 2015 Reboot Your Life issue, we’ve rounded up classes, services, and tools that will help you hit the reset button. Make 2015 your year.

The name may sound like a scene from Heavyweights, but fear not: There’s no screaming Ben Stiller at Metabolism Boost Boot Camp. “We don’t beat you into the ground. We focus on changing your lifestyle. Fix the rest and the scale will follow,” says owner Doug Gibson. The sculpting-and-cardio system is designed to keep your metabolism up to burn more calories day-to-day (read: do more work so you don’t have to). Classes are small and adaptable to any fitness level or orthopedic issue. The program also includes workshops with an eating behaviorist and a dietician. At four weeks for $75, don’t wait. Get moving. (513) 530-5326,

Icon by Michael Brandon Meyers

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