Reboot Your Fears: Control Those Pests

CM_FEB15_Feature_Reboot_NaturalFor our February 2015 Reboot Your Life issue, we’ve rounded up classes, services, and tools that will help you hit the reset button. Make 2015 your year.

David Hoffman has a job that can make your skin crawl: He teaches people to overcome their fear of bugs. “They have to take back their house, and I explain how to do it,” he says. “It’s about getting people off their duffs and fighting it.” Hoffman overcame his own fear of spiders by the time he started Merlin’s Pest Control 10 years ago, though there’s nothing like slithering through unfamiliar crawlspaces to help you conquer that phobia. Today Merlin’s teaches people to be rational about what bedbugs can and can’t do. Just don’t get him going on roaches. “There’s a disease associated with roaches that will cause your skin to peel off,” he notes. That one it’s OK to be afraid of.

Icon by Michael Brandon Meyers

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