Reboot Your Health: Do Some Body Work


For our February 2015 Reboot Your Life issue, we’ve rounded up classes, services, and tools that will help you hit the reset button. Make 2015 your year.

Feeling sluggish? Try these treatments from Alliance Integrative Medicine’s Integrative Health Coach Mary Rasmussen.

Saunas have long been the go-to for those looking to shock their system into shape. But Alliance’s Infrared Sauna ($65/single, $50/double) ups the ante with safe infrared heat. The skin-penetrating rays cause a molecular vibration in your cells that triggers them to release toxins. It’s a better choice for those who can’t stand the heat: Traditional convection saunas can reach up to 210 degrees, while an infrared sauna tops out at 135 degrees (and heats up your body without heating the air around you).

If you prefer to stop those toxins from getting in your body in the first place, you could try Alliance’s 21-Day Detox Diet (starts at $80). You’ll begin by making a list of things you won’t consume for three weeks, like sugar, caffeine, and processed food.

For a full-scale, all-hands-on-deck reboot, add the sauna to your Detox Diet. “Then you’re putting in the good stuff and draining out the bad,” says Rasmussen. (513) 791-5521,


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