Reboot Your Free Time: Get A Hobby


CM_FEB15_Feature_Reboot_SportsFor our February 2015 
Reboot Your Life issue, we’ve rounded up classes, services, and tools that will help you hit the reset button. Make 2015 your year.

Mary Ann Burgoyne, one of the owners of Tri State Scuba, has seen folks change once she gets them into a wetsuit. There was the woman who had been divorced and single for 17 years, desperately in need of a new life—she met her future husband on a dive trip. There was the 400-pound man who shed half his weight in order to dive, and gained confidence he’d never knew he had. “We’ve seen every kind of person there is,” in Tri State’s 20 years, she says, “and most of them tell us we’ve changed their lives.” Scuba is an awesome way of screening out distractions and learning to focus on the immediate reality that surrounds you; it teaches you skills that may just save another person’s life. And it’s fun, taking you to some of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Tri State offers lessons in its own heated pool and in a private quarry in Northern Kentucky. They rent and sell equipment, and teach everything from simple snorkeling to master certification classes. Get wet—mindfully.

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