Podcast: Inside the 2017 Best Restaurants Issue


Each year, an intrepid team of reporters covertly evaluates the best restaurants in Cincinnati. In this podcast, we caught up with one of the team members, first-time Best Restaurants evaluator Alyssa Brandt. How exactly do you evaluate the food and write about what you’ve eaten? How do you go back to eating normal food after pigging out on fine dining for free? And is the job as glamorous as it sounds? (Well, yes and no.) We talk about that and more, including eating ears, cheesy gordita crunches, and Top Chef.

After that, we pivot into a story from February’s Lost City package that is uniquely Cincinnati. It’s about Chester Cornet, a beloved and tragic figure who created chairs that flew in the face of conventional craftsmanship. Make sure to pick a copy of the magazine to see Cornet’s incredible pieces.

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