Live at the Lodge Podcast: Summer Getaways and Pete Rose


Sure, the first day of summer is still technically about a month away. But Memorial Day is the unofficial opening day for summer. Schools are just about letting out, the weather is beginning to find some manner of consistency, and, most importantly, the pools open. It’s the time to explore the outdoors, and as we discovered in researching the June issue, Cincinnati has a sneakily wide range of options for those interested in coping with the latest Game of Thrones death through sunlight. In this episode of the Cincinnati Magazine Podcast, we talk about the different places we like to explore around the city and beyond. Later on in the episode, meet a new friend who loves her dog, listen to the sultry baritone of Pete Rose as he belts out a tune for Aqua Velva, admit to a love of board games, and discuss about the music scene in Cincinnati ahead of Bunbury in June. This episode was recorded live at the Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge.

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