A User’s Guide to SantaCon

Get your jollies.

Mix a dash of flash mob, fund-raiser, and holiday cheer. Stir in thousands of right jolly old (and young) elves. Converge, en masse, on a series of bars in the name of a good cause. It’s Cincinnati SantaCon, the city’s annual collection of inebriated Kris Kringles. Here’s your guide to doing it right.

Don’t dis the suit. “Remember who you’re representing,” says one organizer who asked to be identified only as “Santa.” Engage with kids, but always be sure to respect boundaries and know your limit, drink-wise.

Dress up. If you don’t, “you’ll immediately feel out of place,” says Joseph Yoo, who goes as the Grinch every year. “Be creative with your garb.”

Synthetic beards and booze don’t mix. Use straws where appropriate.

Don’t drink and sleigh ride. Santa in handcuffs is never a good look.

Santa is, above all, generous. Contribute to SantaCon’s foundation, The Cure Starts Now—which funds child cancer research—and tip well at the bars.

Cincinnati SantaCon, Dec 10, 2022, cincinnatisantacon.com

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