This Garage is Frozen in Time


Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Time stands still for those who regularly park in Town Center Garage off Central Parkway. At least it does when they gaze at the large clock cemented into the garage’s ground floor. Its hands don’t move and its face wears a few cracks, but that’s not stopping its rightful owners from wanting it back.

Photograph by Jeremy Kramer

Although the city technically owns it at present, Cincinnati Museum Center officials say the clock belongs to them. It was originally installed in the west end of Union Terminal’s concourse. “Everyone who passed through the building, from soldiers in World War II to everyday passengers, would have used it to know when to catch their train,” says Cody Hefner, CMC’s media relations manager. City officials moved the clock to its new home under WCET (Channel 48) after the concourse was demolished in the 1970s.

Nearly 50 years later, CMC is using its more than two-year-long restoration of Union Terminal as an opportunity, working with city officials to return the clock to its collections. November marks the project’s planned end date. Fortunately, CMC has some time before the clock strikes midnight. Its hands are currently stuck at 9:28.

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