Fill Out Your Family Tree with Newly Available 19th Century Church Records


Every family has one member who is, shall we say, genealogically inclined. If you are that person, then you’ll want to set aside some time this week. The Hamilton County Genealogical Society has released new records that might help fill in the gaps in your research—that is, if those gaps happen to be death dates that fall specifically between 1890 and 1899.

The new database consists of 25,914 church-recorded deaths from 81 Hamilton County churches in the final decade of the 19th century. The records are of church funeral services and may include information such as name, church funeral or burial date, death date, maiden name, age at death, and parents’ names. Some entries also include the newspaper image from the time.

The full online index is accessible to paying members (an “E-Membership” is $15 a year), whereas non-members can access an abbreviated index giving simply the name and year of death. Happy hunting!


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