Cincinnati Magazine Podcast: Inside the August Issue

For some people, the spelling bee they won in second grade was a crowning achievement. Others may have won a little league championship or conducted some sort of exploding volcano experiment that garnered a first place ribbon. We here at Cincinnati Magazine ate Pop-Tarts. The breakfast pastry of champions was a critical component of our childhood, adolescence, and now adulthood, so we were astonished upon discovering Fat Ben’s take on Pop-Tarts. The man known as Fat Ben (no longer fat, by the way) creates delectable treats that are available at and at different shops around town. Now of course they aren’t called Pop-Tarts (so please don’t sue, Kellogg’s) but they evoke a certain childhood nostalgia for PTs and ramp up the quality. But they are featured in the August issue of the magazine, so why not talk about Pop-Tarts for a while? So yes, this is a podcast devoted in large part to two grown adults discussing their mutual appreciation of Pop-Tarts, but it also involves other things inside the August issue, like the same grown adults admitting to their own incompetency in growing plants at home and competing in Olympic events. Come to think of it, maybe if we had never eaten Pop-Tarts in the first place, we could have been race walking champions after all…

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