Cincinnati Magazine Podcast: Inside the Bars Issue with Molly Wellmann

Cocktail sorceress Molly Wellmann knows her way around a bar. She’s led Cincinnati’s burgeoning craft bar scene with style. In this episode of the Cincinnati Magazine Podcast, we go inside the May issue of the magazine and discuss how we determined which bars to drink at now. Then we talk with Wellmann about her bar habits, what makes a good customer (hint: it’s not that hard), and how to tip. But to find out how she got to this point, check out Jim DeBrosse’s story in the May issue. We also go inside Justin Williams’s journey to Costa Rica with the Morgans, Ohio’s first family of paddle sports, and even talk about how American Pharoah is living that stud life ahead of the Kentucky Derby. Subscribe and rate the podcast on iTunes if you’re feeling kind.

If you’re interested in attending our next live podcast at the Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge, we will be recording an episode between 7 pm and 9 pm on Monday, May 23.

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