Bill Cunningham: Tuning into the Teenage Heartbeat

My mother forced me to listen to Stan Matlock on 55 KRC against my will and wishes. My mother loved Stan. She ruled the roost and she wanted to listen to Stan Matlock so that was what I listened to. And I learned that Stan was one hell of a radio personality, but I rebelled. I wanted rebellious characters, so I began listening to Jim Scott and Dusty Rhoads on 1360 WSAI. Those were the rebellious revolutionaries. When I came home from school, 1360 had on Jim Scott, Dusty Rhoads, and a guy named Ron Britain. Teenagers in the 1960s and early 1970s considered that to be cutting edge, serious radio. 1360 was the heartbeat of the teenager at the time. When you would go to a Frisch’s restaurant and drive around on a Friday night, every car had on the same station, so you didn’t miss a beat.—Bill Cunningham, host of The Big Show on WLW

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