‪Reboot Your Regimen: Train Better‬


CM_FEB15_Feature_Reboot_SportsFor our February 2015 Reboot Your Life issue, we’ve rounded up classes, services, and tools that will help you hit the reset button. Make 2015 your year.

‪It’s time to become an actual weekend warrior. DNA Sports Center’s Training for Warriors program offers an intense workout for adults based on the fundamentals from the Parisi Speed School, a system developed in 1992 by then-NFL training consultant Bill Parisi that has helped everyone from high school standouts to pro athletes to Olympians reach their athletic potential. Toss medicine balls, flip tires, and push sleds in hour-long sessions with less than 10 people. Not ready for the extreme? DNA also offers a milder boot camp daily that tops out at 20 participants. Either way, a good sweat and sore hammy is guaranteed. dnasportscenter.com

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