Sustainable Medical Missions



Established 2013

Mission To train and support indigenous healthcare and faith leaders in underdeveloped communities to treat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other endemic conditions affecting the poorest community members by pairing faith-based solutions with best practices.

Serving Our Community We train superheroes: indigenous faith and medical leaders around the world who are doing what is said to be nearly impossible. They battle against a global epidemic of more than 1.2 billion people infected with one of 19 Neglected Tropical Diseases such as intestinal worms and leprosy that disfigure and disable children and families while trapping them in a continuous cycle of poverty. Sustainable Med empowers these leaders with education and innovations that allow them to integrate their culture and perspectives into a world-leading medical process that enables them to build upon their successes instead of becoming dependent upon outside resources. More than 500,000 people have been freed from these diseases and given the hope that there is a God that loves them both now and into eternity.

David Snyder, Executive Director
Emmanuel Ndolimana, Africa Director
Biswa Rai, India Director

Board of Directors
Mark Snyder, President
Bob Sponseller, Treasurer
Kurt Schibler, Historian
Kathy Eten
Brian Fey
Jonathan Snyder
Selin Waltz
Eric Wittkugle

Other Ways to Help
Volunteer: Contact us for a customized volunteer experience that matches your skills and interests with the needs and opportunities within our organization.
Connect with Other Cultures: Sign up for one of our annual trips to visit our partners and project sites in Africa or Asia.
Contribute: The more donations we receive, the more projects we can support around the world.
Join Our Prayer Team: Contact us to sign up for this transformational experience. Not only do your prayers make an impact on the world, but you will be impacted as you see the world literally shift as a result of those prayers.

P.O. Box 498493
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(513) 543-2896

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