International Rett Syndrome Foundation


Established: 2007

Mission: To transform the lives of all those affected by Rett syndrome through relentless pursuit of advanced and comprehensive research, delivering treatments and ultimately a cure. We empower families with the knowledge and connectivity they need on their journey.

Serving Our Community: was founded with an unwavering commitment to transform the lives of those affected by Rett syndrome. We accomplish this by employing an advanced and comprehensive research strategy, allowing us to deliver treatments and ultimately a cure for this disorder. As the world’s leading private funder of Rett syndrome research, we have accelerated the pace of research to an unprecedented level. Strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies have allowed us to bring the first and only treatment compound for Rett syndrome into the final phase of clinical testing. When this treatment becomes prescribable, it will revolutionize the daily lives of children with Rett syndrome right here in Cincinnati and all over the world. We never forget that Rett syndrome impacts the entire family. We have an unrelenting dedication to impacting the lives of our families today while never taking our eye off the ultimate goal of curing Rett syndrome.


Melissa Kennedy, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Peter White, Chair

Kim Jacobs, Vice Chair

Scott Parven, Secretary/Treasurer

Gordon Rich

John Foard

Other Ways to Help:

  • Spread the word about this rare disease.
  • Mark your calendar for the September 2018 Cincinnati Strollathon—Strollathons are our signature fund-raiser and sponsors, participants, and donors are always needed and appreciated.
  • Consider partnering with us in our fight against Rett syndrome. Research takes an immense amount of money. As solid, trustworthy financial stewards, we will use your money to continue our groundbreaking research for treatments and a cure.

International Rett Syndrome Foundation

4600 Devitt Dr.

Cincinnati, OH 45246

(513) 874-3020



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