Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati


Established 1940

Mission The mission of the Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati is to support the scholarly activities of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The efforts of the Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati are aimed primarily at supporting clinical, translational, and basic investigations intended to advance pediatric cardiovascular medicine and to train future leaders in the field of pediatric cardiology.


Serving Our Community There are 1.2 million babies born with congenital heart defects (CHD) every year. The 76-year legacy of CHAoC is found right in the heart of the Queen City: its children.

Our support of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s has been instrumental in studies that are evaluating cutting-edge drug therapies, improving patient care, understanding and lessening the psychosocial burdens of growing up with CHD, and the nuances of managing CHD as an adult. And our support now reaches 60 Children’s Hospitals within the U.S. through our lead support of the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative.

Your heart will beat roughly 100,000 times today, and the passion and dedication of CHAoC is unlimited with the support of the people of Cincinnati—we’re already proving it.


Mr. Michael Katchman, President
Mr. Terry Karageorges, Vice President
Mr. Chad Kamstra, Treasurer
Mrs. Pamela Farber, Secretary
Mrs. Dana Kimball, Project Manager

Mrs. Julie Balzano
Mr. Timothy Cassady
Mr. Michael Clark
Mrs. Janet Davis
Mrs. Zerlina Dubois
Mr. William Flynn
Mrs. Danielle Fritsch
Mr. Mark McDonald
Mr. John Otten
Mrs. Bonnie Paul
Mr. Ryan Paul
Ms. Patricia Payne
Ms. Charlene Pfingstag
Mrs. Madeleine Schwartz
Mrs. Sallie Sumerel
Mr. Jack Wieland

Other Ways to Help

Contributions welcome:

  • The generosity of our loyal donors made it possible for us to provide $462,523 in grant funding in 2016. We expect the needs in 2017 to be even greater.

2017 Fund-raisers

  • CHD Survivors movie premiere
  • Wine-tasting event
  • 2nd Annual Heart Hero Golf Classic

Children’s Heart Association of Cincinnati
4010 Executive Park Dr., Suite 100
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
(513) 554-3075





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