Going with the Flow

Covington menswear store Flow moved to a new location and brought a trendy barbershop along for the ride.

Shear Luck

Five barber shops where you can get buzzed, clipped, shorn, and shaved in style.

Salzano’s: Beyond a Shave and a Haircut

Retired barber Nick Salzano came to Cincinnati in 1956 from a small Italian town called Chiauci. Over the next 60-odd years, he and his family built a following among locals seeking a classic barbershop experience—specifically straight-blade razor shaves.

Q&A with Beard Baron Patrick Brown

I sat down with Patrick Brown, co-owner of facial hair product purveyor Ohio Valley Beard Supply, to discuss mustache wax, famous beards throughout history, and the plight of the modern man. And yes, I’ve personally felt Brown’s beard, and it is soft like a baby bunny.

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