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This Is Your Brain On Football

Football players take hits with forces as high as 100 Gs—a measurement of acceleration felt as weight. Bodies are jarred. Brains slosh inside skulls. And the more the brain sloshes, the higher the likelihood of concussion.

Most Expansive Marching Band: La Salle

The Pride of La Salle Marching Band

Anderson vs. Turpin, 2007

A rivalry that has long divided Anderson Township.

The Rivalry: St. Xavier vs. Elder

This rivalry, a backbone of Cincinnati high school football, dates to the early 1920s.

Wackiest Student Section: Fairfield

Fairfield seniors go beyond the traditional spirit wear.

Least Heart-Healthy Concessions: Harrison Wildcats

The home of the Wildcats has four fryers going every Friday night.

Colerain’s Historic Forfeit

Colerain High School was poised to win its first state championship in 1995.

That Time I Went to Pee Wee Football Camp

A non-fan learns proper stance from a few good 6-year-olds.

Most Competitive Cheer Squad: Mason Comets

You better be aggressive (B-E aggressive) if you want to land a spot on the Mason Comets cheerleading squad.

Most Storied Mascot: St. X Bombers

St. X’s name change from Conquistadors to Bombers—switched around 1940—has been credited to everything.

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