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Mick Cronin Is Back in the Game

On the sidelines, Mick Cronin is a firestorm of kinetic intensity. But the arterial dissection that forced him to miss most of last season was something of a reckoning. Now he's back, with what is likely the best team of his UC career. Kinder and gentler? Not on your life.

Embrace the Madness

A local, national, and minutiae-driven guide to the 2015 NCAA tournament. Happy Madness, everyone.

Matt Stainbrook: Xavier Starting Center, Uber Driver

By day, 6-foot-10, 270-pound Matt Stainbrook is the starting center for the Xavier Musketeers men’s basketball team. By night, he’s an Uber driver.

Mack and Cronin: The Odd Couple

It took a pair of homegrown coaches with ambitions to stick around in the wake of the 2011 Crosstown Shootout brawl to keep the tradition alive.

March Absence

Examining the possibility of UC, Xavier, and OSU all missing the NCAA Tournament.

Make It, Take It

A year after the brawl, can UC and XU successfully rebrand their basketball rivalry? It depends how you define “success.”

Mack in Your Face

By pushing his players to the edge, Chris Mack had Xavier men’s basketball in position for its best season yet. Then the brawl stole the team’s mojo. Now it’s up to Mack to recapture the Xavier Way.

The Croninist Manifesto

An open letter on behalf of Mick Cronin, a man in need of better fans.

Basketball Coach: Amy Waugh

The Xavier women's basketball team has advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament twice in program history, and Amy Waugh was on hand both times.

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