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Self Care 2021

Your Mental Health Deserves Your Attention

Facing COVID-19, society's racial hurdles, and strong political tensions challenges our mental health more than ever.

Yoga Is for Everyone

Yoga’s focus on self-healing has become the perfect tonic for many. We talked to local providers who can help you get started.

Five New Spins on Exercise

Strengthen your body and soul by exploring movement in ways you’ve never considered. Yes, it’s exercise, but with a twist.

Five Restorative Ways to Treat Yourself Kindly

Rediscover the restorative pleasures of treating yourself to good food, coffee, music, and causes around the Queen City.

The Meaning of Finding Meaning

Holistic self-care is just the beginning of a new life journey, not the final destination.

Editor’s Letter, April 2021: Take Care of Yourself

Maybe we need to open ourselves to every possible avenue for taking care of our body, mind, and spirit. And maybe we need to stop being so hard on ourselves for seeking a little help.