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Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve is Expanding

Late summer is peak time to visit its prairie lands.

Cincinnati Is Producing The Coolest New Health Tech Products

And they're being tested everywhere from the Air Force to Madeira High School.

Hyperloop UC is Designing the Train of the Future

HyperloopUC, a team of 60, has progressed further into the SpaceX competition.

The Astronomer’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Cincinnati Observatory’s Dean Regas will present Facts From Space! at Books by the Banks this weekend.

The Secret Life of Plants

It turns out that plants “talk” to each other, sending helpful messages—and issuing the occasional death threat—over their own underground internet. One Xavier University biologist is following the conversation.

Explore the Birthplace of American Paleontology

Cincinnati Museum Center’s newest exhibit shows off local artifacts.


On September 27, Cincinnatians can glance up at a pretty trippy celestial event: A total lunar eclipse, during a supermoon, during a Harvest Moon, on the completion of the tetrad. What does that mean exactly? We’re all going to die! Just kidding.

Explore Kentucky’s Natural Wonders at Salato Wildlife Education Center

Take a walk through Kentucky's wild (animal) side.

Dancing With The Stars

Flights to Mars? Not quite yet. In the meantime, check out these wonders of Earth and sky.

Oxford Kinetics Festival: Flying Whirligigs Edition

We chatted with three festival participants planning to take their creations to the skies.

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