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The Mt. Adams Retaining Wall Is Almost Done–Finally

The wall is currently getting a faux stone-masonry facing, as well as some tweaks and repairs. Everything should finish up by this summer, finally completing a project that dates back to 1969.

There Is A Never-Used Fallout Shelter In Cincinnati’s Never-Used Subway

As the concept of fallout shelters began to form, someone suggested that Cincinnati’s empty subway tunnels might finally have found a purpose.

The (Recurring) Trouble at the Brent Spence Bridge

The latest Brent Spence study reminds us we’re trapped in an eternal, repeating hell. Happy Groundhog Day, y’all.

Dr. Know: Oyster Crackers, Roads to Nowhere, and Mysterious Slings

Why does Wikipedia give Cincinnati such prominence in oyster crackers?

Tracking Cincinnati Streetcar’s Success

It was a disappointing year one, but all is not lost for the Cincinnati streetcar.

Cincy Obscura: Adventures in Road Salting

The city lays in 27,000 tons of salt to start the season, with a contract for up to 40,000 tons if things get snowpocalyptic.

Pete Metz Talks Cincinnati Transportation

St. Xavier grad and former City Hall staffer Pete Metz is the new Transportation Policy and Coalition Manager at the Chamber of Commerce.

Looking Back at the Building of the Roebling Suspension Bridge

It took a boatload of perseverance, forethought, innovation, and dogged determination before John A. Roebling laid the first stone of his magnificent suspension bridge. One hundred and fifty years later, we’re still marveling at this icon of engineering genius and beauty, and the man who built it.

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Hitting a Streetcar

Cincinnati’s ballyhooed streetcar makes its long awaited debut on Friday, September 9 at noon. But two collisions during the testing phase (one with a motorist at Third and Main, the other with a pickup truck at Walnut and Fifth), suggest that downtown drivers could use a safety primer on sharing the roads with 40 tons of electrified locomotion.

A Cincinnati Streetcar Chronology O’ Fun

It’s been a long, long, long time coming. So brush up on the history, the politics, the utterly absurd (and we would venture, unwarranted) mayhem, and get ready to ride some rails. Finally.

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