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Eric Kearney Is Cincinnati’s Connector in Chief

Eric Kearney isn’t shy. In a well-tailored suit offset with a snazzy pocket square, he is alight in a room full of people, introducing...

Steve Driehaus Finds His True North

The former politician leads Cincinnati Compass, the region's "Welcome Wagon" for immigrants, after years of Peace Corps service in Africa.

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Election Day

Do your civic duty and then hit the town for local beer, art, and food.

Rachel Roberts is an Unconventional Candidate for Unusual Times

Shes a yogini—a practicing Buddhist, at that—with no political experience. Unheard of? Not in 2018, election experts say.

Make Ohio Great Again?

The state's next governor faces an uphill climb to counteract some serious foundational problems.

Protest like a Pro with This Eco-Friendly Kit

It's all about preserving democracy *and* Mother Earth.

Bobbie Sterne Was Born To Run

She was the first woman to be mayor of Cincinnati, and a harbinger of the burgeoning female-fueled political revolution.

What’s City Council’s Top Priority?

We asked each City Council member the principal issue they are focusing on in 2018.

What Impact Will Hamilton County Have on the 2018 Elections?

You can make a strong case that Ohio’s biggest cities will determine the outcome of this fall's midterm election. But the real story isn’t the amount of political power Cincinnati and her sister cities hold. It’s the reasons why they don’t hold more.

Mayor John Cranley Enters His Final Term with Pervasive Optimism

We are increasingly on the map now, and there’s a real vibe and positivity about Cincinnati. But the biggest shift I’ve noticed in my life is that we believe it now. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in yourself.

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