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Meet Maris Herold, the New Sheriff in Town

It’s been a rough few years for the UC Police Division. But Maris Herold, who came on as Police Chief in January, is already making history: as the first female chief and through the changes she’s implementing.

Family Sheds New Light On Brooke Skylar Richardson Case

Exclusive claims regarding her pregnancy revealed ahead of September 27 hearing.

The Pill Mill That Ravaged Portsmouth

How a small-time Chicago doctor came to the southeastern Ohio town of Portsmouth and helped spur an epidemic.

An Enquirer Reporter Makes Her Own Murder Podcast

The unsolved 1978 murder of Miami University student Elizabeth Andes left a lot of unanswered questions, so Cincinnati Enquirer reporters Amber Hunt and Amanda Rossmann created Accused, an eight-part podcast in search of answers.

Heroin: How Did We Get Here?

Heroin’s deadly hold on the Cincinnati region is indisputable. How did it happen? A brief history.

The Gallows On Government Square

Public hangings continued in Cincinnati until 1867.

Cincinnati Murderess Claimed: My Cat’s Ghost Made Me Do It

For all of her unhappy life, Isabelle Phelps claimed to be haunted by the ghost of her cat. It was the spirit of this dead cat, she said, that drove her to murder.

Joe Deters Gears Up for the Ray Tensing Trial

Joe Deters is about to prosecute former University of Cincinnati cop Ray Tensing for the murder of Samuel DuBose, an unarmed African-American man. It will be one of the biggest trials of his career and will no doubt attract national attention. Will Deters do the right thing? It depends on who you ask.

To Hell and Back

Tracey Helton Mitchell is fighting to beat heroin, over and over again.

Cincinnati’s “Infernal Machine” Murders of 1854

There was always something a bit shady about Alvah H. Baker’s Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery.

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