Shakespeare Behind Bars is Offering Prisoners Redemption

Since 1995, the Shakespeare Behind Bars program has quietly transformed the culture in one Kentucky prison.

Crime and Tech Through History

Real weapons used in actual murders, handcuffs through the ages, even a stuffed police dog—you’ll find them all at the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum.

The Science and Politics of Life and Death

Hamilton County Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco on the new crime lab, the opioid epidemic, and Otto Warmbier.

A Man in Need

A doctor with a drug problem and a sob story, a good Samaritan with cash on hand, and a chance meeting that became a public lesson in crime, crowdsourcing, and the limits of privacy in a big little town.

When Is A Brothel Not A Brothel? Madam Bennett Escapes The Law

Everybody in Cincinnati knew Kate Bennett ran a house of pleasure at 297 Elm.

The Devil in the Queen City

"America's First Serial Killer," H.H. Holmes, had a two-day stay in Cincinnati.

The Devil She Knew

Grandma was tough as nails. Generations later, a family discovers the reason why.

The Evans Family is Living in This World

The death of Cosmic Pizza owner Rich Evans threw the lives of his wife and children into chaos. It also landed them in the arms of an extraordinary group of strangers.

An Innocent Man

The conventional wisdom had Michael Wehrung guilty of murder. That proved not to be so wise after all.

Death and the Maid

He was rich, brilliant, and as solitary as a hermit. Then Walter Sartory opened his door to a cleaning lady and her son. First he lost his moorings. Then he lost his life.

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