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On The Market: A Refurbished Hyde Park Home That’ll Blow Your Socks Off

This house’s prime spot isn’t the only thing worth gawking at; its recent renovations have us drooling, too.

Our August 2017 Cover Features A Century-Old Madisonville Rehab

Lauren Farquhar and Josh Jansen, owners of the renovation company Storied Homes, flipped this Victorian Carpenter Gothic home w

This North Avondale Home Was A Xavier Dorm For More Than 30 Years

Originally built in 1897, this home is better known as Marion Hall, a Xavier dorm from 1958 to 1991.

This Walnut Hills Rehab Was A Labor Of Love

With the owner as the general contractor and a constant eye to making it work for family life, they paid meticulous attention to historic authenticity, quality, and sustainability.

While The Race To Renovate Continues, Many Historic Homes are Falling Behind

Cincinnati’s condemned building list is getting attention from local preservationists trying to hold back the tide of demolitions.

8K Construction Is Rescuing Cincinnati’s Historic Homes

Instead of demolition, these partners look to renovate and revive.

Rehabbing A Home? Visit The ReUse Center Before You Do Anything.

The local nonprofit that sells salvaged building materials to the public at a deep discount.

Thrift Shopping at the County Sheriff’s Property Auction

It is the best chance to land your next rehab project at a steep discount.

Cincinnati’s Rehabbed Real Estate Market Is The Anti-Anytown, USA.

The benefits of good 19th-century urban planning live on well into the 21st century.

Rehabbing MainStrasse, One Property At a Time

What started with a convenience project has blossomed into a mission to steer Covington’s MainStrasse toward stabilization.

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