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How Norwood’s First New Build in 40 Years Came To Be

Norwood’s got a lot going for it—historic homes on Floral Avenue, the Rookwood Shopping Center—but single family residential construction hasn’t been one of those things. Until now.

This 1923 Westwood Home Has Serious Castle Vibes

3535 Epworth Avenue, Westwood, $298,500 We’re thrilled to see how much love Westwood housing stock has been getting in recent years; as one of the...

On The Market: A Colorful Pleasant Ridge Charmer

In a world that overwhelmingly favors sterile grey and beige decor, we’re head over heels for this Pleasant Ridge brick four bedroom with a green tile roof.

On The Market: A 200-Year Old Covington Property With a Private Garden and Details...

This sprawling historic district home was built in 1820 by Major Alfred Sandford. Today, it’s one of the oldest standing buildings in Kenton County.

On The Market: A Painted Lady in Cincinnati’s Oldest Neighborhood

What’s cool about this house is, even though it looks historic, it’s actually just 22 years old (except for the wood-and-leaded-glass front door, which was salvaged from the previous home on this lot).

On The Market: A Mt. Adams Home On Top of the World

Normally we don’t feature homes that are still under construction but the renderings on this one are so realistic (and cool) that we wanted to share.

On The Market: Two Mod Ranches in Different Parts of Town

From a 1956 kit home to built-ins galore.

On The Market: A Former Stable in Indian Hill (With A Taft Connection)

The owners repurposed stable doors and kept the original saddle rack and iron gates on site, too, but our favorite salvage of all is the powder room sink, which used to be a water trough in one of the horse stalls.

This Reading Road Condo Used To Be a Glass Factory

In its former life, this building was home to the H. Neuer Glass company, established in 1909; roughly 100 years later, the 33,000 square-foot building was renamed the Glass House Lofts and converted into 11 condominiums.

On The Market: Another Spectacular Swiss Chalet, This Time In Avondale

970 Lenox Pl., Avondale, $650,000 No, you’re not seeing double; we ran a story last month on a different Swiss Chalet, in East Walnut Hills....

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