Let It Grow at Stockslager’s Greenhouse

“When it’s snowing outside, we’re thinking about spring.”

Urban Homesteading 101: Container Gardening

With so little distance to travel from soil to plate, potted plants are the carbon footprint equivalent of roller skates.

Urban Homesteading 101: Hydroponics

Let it grow. Anywhere.

Urban Homesteading 101: Harvesting Seeds

In a landscape filled with GMOs and monocropping and invasive species, sometimes it’s good to just let your garden grow the natural way.

What Can Your Garden Grow? More Than You Think.

You may be surprised to see the kinds of fruit and veg that your Ohio River Valley garden will support.

“Agri-communities” Are Reinventing the Subdivision, One CSA at a Time

Urban or suburban, you can live amid the flora and fauna. With neighbors, too. Aberlin Springs and Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage show the way.

How To: Choose a Community Garden

Community gardens not only feed people, they bring them together—and they come in many varieties.

Composting Is Cool. For Real, Though.

Your trash can become your treasure, too. At least when you turn food scraps into soil.

8 Native Plants That Will Totally Work in Your Plant-Killing Yard

Fill your garden beds with these plants, all perfectly at home in our particular micro-climate.

3 Ways to Preserve Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

A bumper crop of cucumbers is no laughing matter, nor is trying to cook with tasteless ‘sweet’ corn in February. But with some simple tools and home–ec chutzpah, you can resolve both on a summer afternoon.

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