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Top Doctors 2017

Cincinnati Surgeons Have Performed the First Local Heart Transplant in Eight Years

Physicians have performed six heart transplants since February 2016.

Middletown’s New Birthing Center Gives Parents a Natural Choice in a Hospital Setting

Natural Beginnings, the first hospital-based comprehensive natural birth center in greater Cincinnati, has been in the works since early 2015 and provides expecting mothers services to cope with labor without traditional interventions.

Shriners Hospital Heals The Whole Child

What’s that little hospital next door to Children’s have to offer? Only the gold standard for pediatric burn care, and the last, best hope for underserved children with devastating physical disorders.

Born Users

Children born to mothers using heroin and other opioids face tremendous challenges. Kathy Wedig, a neonatologist at Children’s Hospital, explains how a regional effort to treat these babies is making a difference.

Dogs Make Everything Better

A few days in the life of Children’s Hospital’s friendliest, furriest medical professional.