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Greener City 2022

Curating A Greener Podcast Playlist

Not sure where to start on your journey toward personal sustainability? These podcasts can point you in the right direction.

Twenty Tiny Ways to Turn Down the Waste

20 steps you can take today to cut down on waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Pandemic Lessons: A Tale Of Two Crises

Lessons from the pandemic for a warming planet.

With New Array, Cincinnati Is Placing Big Bets On Solar

The largest U.S. municipal solar array now powers the city’s government buildings.

Climate Change Is Just Getting Warmed up

Even though Cincinnati is far from the coasts and has been called a “climate haven,” threats from summer heat, winter warming, heavy rains, and flooding are real and growing. Local leaders are working on strategies for both mitigation and adaptation.

Our Waste, Our Problem

Cincinnati’s growing waste footprint threatens all attempts to make our community more sustainable. Thankfully, there’s something each of us can each do about it.