Become a True Cincinnatian with These Queen City-Original Sweets

The bakery business is like almost everything else in Cincinnati: The foundation was built by immigrants, mostly Germans, bringing a taste of the old world...

Candy Land Is Real, and It’s in Hamilton.

The Farquis family officially opened their little piece of the candy city in July 2017. The store was an instant success.

Top 5 Hot Chocolate Spots in Cincinnati

'Tis the season for chocolate.

Germania Christkindlmarkt Is Good Old-Fashioned Fun

The Germania Society of Cincinnati hosts its 21st annual Germania Christkindlmarkt this month.

Japanese Matcha Swiss Roll Comes to Cincinnati

If you were a kid who daydreamed of sinking your teeth into a big, puffy cloud, you’re in luck. Biting into a piece of the Japanese matcha roll cake from Chako Bakery Café is probably the closest any of us will get.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is a Chocoholic’s Dream

Often referred to as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” Hershey has plenty of opportunities to make your vacation as rich as the chocolate the city is known for. 

Quaintrelle Confections Will Have You Wanting S’more

Full disclosure: I wasn’t sold on the idea of a Fruity Pebbles s’more—until I visited Quaintrelle Confections, that is.

Cookie Craze at Cate’s Cookie Kitchen

Cate Busse takes cookies to the next level.

Top 5 Local Summer Food Stands

When the weather warms up, so does our appetite for these favorite seasonal food stands.

Take a Sweet Look at Our Candied Past

Take a bite out of local author Dann Woellert's tasty history lesson.

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