Fiery Hen Brings Southern Spice to Court Street

Cincinnati’s newest source for Nashville hot chicken, Fiery Hen, opened Jan. 11, neighboring its sister restaurant Court Street Lobster Bar—both owned and operated by...

Millie’s Place is Madisonville’s Unofficial Community Center

I hate to call the Sunday buffet at Millie’s Place a “buffet.” It’s more of a fellowship dinner.

Despite Its Name, Main Street Tavern Doesn’t Serve “Bar Food.”

Many just look at the brunch menu here and then go home full. Glory, glory, hallelujah. 

Try This: The Gumbo Fries at Knotty Pine on the Bayou

It’s dark and smoky, with chunks of sausage and chicken, thickened with okra, and studded with celery, peppers, and onion. Traditionally, it’s served over rice, but tradition is meant to be toyed with, so get the gumbo fries.

Roundup: Five Southern Comfort Food Spots

Southern flavors season menus all over town.

Middle Fork Kitchen Bar Is A Southern Comfort Food Destination

"Rarely am I impressed by the effects of molecular gastronomy, but there’s always an exception: Bravo, Middle Fork."

Goodies Keeps It In The Family

The secret is, of course, the sauce.

Schoolhouse Restaurant is Comfort Food Heaven

A home-cooked meal, just like grandma used to fry.

Taste Test: Fried Chicken

Cincinnati’s proximity to the South comes with major perks in the comfort-food department.
Son of a Preacher Man

Hot Plate: Son of a Preacher Man

Praise be the chicken and biscuits.

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