Try This: The West Coast Oysters at OTR’s Please

They're fancy and festive!

Miyoshi Is a Foodie Destination in Florence

The restaurant inspires an exploration of the depth and breadth of Japanese cuisine.

Try This: The Shrimp Banh Mi Roll at Court Street Lobster Bar

It’s a counterintuitive choice, but go off the reservation and you’ll be rewarded with this chubby roll.

Eighth & English Brings Italian-Inspired Seafood to O’Bryonville

Subtle, elegant, restrained fare—that’s sometimes too restrained—at the intersection of seafood and Italian.

Try This: Zula’s Calamari Salad

Charred (not fried!)

Try This: Sotto’s Grilled Octopus

It's been real, pork belly, but your rock star run as protein du jour is drawing to a close. Enter: Octopus.

The Truth About Oysters Rockefeller

It’s officially oyster season and if you’ve been eating out a lot, you’ve probably noticed a few places with Oysters Rockefeller on the menu. Sadly, I’ve had several versions that were nothing more than subpar bivalves slathered in creamed spinach and a horrid crust of industrial breadcrumbs. So what’s up with the Rockefeller, you ask?

Afishionados: Keepin’ It Fresh

Owner John Lafontaine tries hard to purchase sustainable, wild-caught, and ethically farm-raised fish.

Smoked Fish at Rascals’

Smoked sablefish makes for a super tasty bagel bite

Try This: SwampWater Grill

A proper bayou binge on Kellogg Avenue.

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