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Ice Cream

Top 5 Local Summer Food Stands

When the weather warms up, so does our appetite for these favorite seasonal food stands.

Let There Be Creamy Whips

Herewith: Our brief roundup of seasonal creamy whips (in no particular order). You’re welcome.

Boozy Ice Cream Charges into OTR

Buzzed Bull Creamery takes a more adult approach to sundaes. And no, you can’t walk out with one.

Taste Test: Ice Cream

Some assignments are solo flights, while others are best done en masse. Surveying the best house-made ice cream is far too much for one writer.

Putz’s Creamy Whip Gets its Magic from a 63-Year-Old Soft Serve Machine

A 1953 Electro-Freeze soft serve machine has faithfully served vanilla ice cream to customers for more than 50 years.

Top 5 Unexpected Places to Get Soft Serve

Soft serve is our fair city’s summertime drug of choice. And while we would never encourage disloyalty to your local creamy whip, sometimes you just need a quick fix when you’re out and about. Here are five surprising places to score.

Try This: Rhino’s Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve

A Blue Ash gas station has a tasty surprise inside. (It’s not frozen burritos. But they probably have those too).

5 Places to Get Your Summer Slushie On

Ice so thin “it is the equivalent of snow.”

Try This: CocoWhip

Slightly heavier than whipped cream and not quite cold enough to give you a brain freeze, CocoWhip soft serve from Rooted Juicery in Oakley is the coolest new treat in town.

Try This: Boozy Floats at Sundry and Vice

The weekend beverage menu at Over-the-Rhine's apothecary-style bar Sundry and Vice is a testament to the restorative benefits of day drinking.

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