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Bean & Barley Coffeeshop and Taproom Invites You to O’Bryonville

Between bustling Hyde Park and charming East Walnut Hills sits the historic O’Bryonville business district. Blink and you could miss it. Toward the edge,...

Platform Beer Co.’s New OTR Concept Goes Beyond Its Signature Brews

Since its founding in 2014, Cleveland-based Platform Beer Co. has been taking the beer world by storm. Starting with its brewpub in Cleveland, Platform...

We’re Really Into Macaron Bar’s Coffee-Pairing Nights

Sure, you’ve probably munched on one of Macaron Bar’s eponymous pastries while chugging a latte, but have you ever coupled your caffeine and sweet...

Warm Up with Landlocked Social House’s New Winter Menu

The Walnut Hills coffeehouse / taproom has revamped their menu with special new winter items.

BlackOwned Brand Co-Founder To Open Downtown Coffee Lounge

Means Cameron is a force: owner of the BlackOwned brand, designer, hip-hop artist...and now, coffee shop owner.

Tableside with Chuck Pfahler, La Terza Founder

La Terza Coffee’s founder brings Italian espresso culture to the suburbs with his new shop, Adesso.

The Ohio River Foundation Hosts Its Second Annual Cincinnati Coffee Festival

“You can’t have great coffee without great water.”

Lola’s Is Even Better in Hyde Park

Walking into Lola’s new Hyde Park location feels more like walking into the house of your eclectic aunt who makes a great cup of...

Top 5 West Side Coffee Shops

As the days get shorter but your to-do list gets longer, Cincinnati's west side is serving up some of the best brew in the city.

Five of Our Favorite Bookstore–Coffee Shop Combos

On those mercifully unscheduled summer days, bookstores offer a refuge to get lost in–and as fate would have it, these picks all have coffee shops blissfully close.

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