Ode on a West Side Diner

Humble relief from fussy-menu fatigue.

Beer, Chili, and Pappy (!) at Cork ’N Bottle

This chili cook-off has quite a prize: Pappy Van Winkle bourbon.

Dixie Chili

It’s nice to walk into a chili place that doesn’t reek of the trappings of corporate brand designers and interior decorators. Instead, Dixie Chili just smells like chili. Though the interiors have been redone in recent decades, photos of the original 1929 location still have a prominent place on the walls.

Billie’s Skyline Tavern

It doesn’t get more fair to middlin’ than Billie’s Skyline Tavern. This little place next to NKU is in a house. Not even an old house, just a normal little everyday house that you might mistake for Mr. and Mrs. Middle America’s place where they raised their average two-and-a-half kids.

Blue Ash Chili

Figure this one out: It’s a chili parlor that serves beer. Good—you can sober up with the chili after the beer. But they’re only open until 8:30 p.m., long before you would ever have one too many or need to sober up.

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