Chefs and Restaurateurs

Try This: The Coffee Cake at The Coffee Exchange

Every Saturday morning I walk to Coffee Exchange in Pleasant Ridge to pick up coffee, which is great, and coffee cake, which is the greatest.

Katharina’s Café-Konditorei Closes

Newport’s German cuisine neighborhood spot unexpectedly shuts down

Q&A with The Farmstand Market and Café’s Tricia Houston

After selling a portion of her Gallatin County farm, Tricia Houston followed her passion for supporting local farmers and food, opening The Farmstand Market and Café in Union in July.

The River Kings

Robert DeMott reminisces on his 20+ year friendship with Jim Harrison. The two formed a brotherly bond forged by fishing, feasting, and the oftentimes humbling pursuit of the authentic literary experience.

Best Restaurants 2017: The Art of The Restaurant Build-Out

As a vice president with the Boca Restaurant Group, Fries is tasked with creating spaces that are as sumptuous as the food. We talked to him about creating the experience of dining at Boca.

Q&A: Andrew Jeavons and Jeff Gardocki of Mad Llama Coffee

What’s that dangerously cool creature at the corner of Kenwood and Madison? It’s none other than the Mad Llama itself. We sat down with owners Andrew Jeavons and Jeff Gardocki to talk ancestry, traditional bagel methods, and the power of a good pair of sunglasses.

Cure Camp Is Like Summer Camp for Chefs

Creation Gardens works with Boca Restaurant Group to hold a two-day culinary clinic for top chefs and butchers.

Blessed Are the Cheese-Makers

Cheesemaking requires a level of care that might intimidate the most natural obsessives, i.e., chefs.

This Is What Happens When A Librarian Moonlights As An OTR Restaurant Intern

Middle-aged librarian Holbrook Sample tied on an apron, rolled up his sleeves, and set about doing a six-month, unpaid stage at Salazar. He burnt a lot of bread, whipped up chocolate cakes on the fly, burnt his finger, ate a pig testicle (and liked it!), and almost forgot about his day job in the process.

Best Restaurants 2017: Bread Winner

The owner of Phoenician Taverna takes pride in his in-house pita.

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