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Six Special Blue Plate Specials

In a restaurant rut? Try one of these incredibly satisfying diner dishes.

Fine Diving: Truva Cafe Mediterranean

Wraps filled with spit-roasted meat are stars at this Mediterranean cafe.

Seven Super Sausage Makers

These meat masters keep Cincinnati’s rich Porkopolis history alive

The 13 Top Dogs in Cincinnati

Baker’s dozen of our favorite hot dogs in Cincinnati (in no particular order).

Café de Vine Makes Its Move

When someone floats a wistful “What a shame that Café de Vine is gone…” in my vicinity, I gently inform the well-intentioned that their favorite downtown lunch spot has just moved around the corner.

Fortune Noodle House Serves Up Noodle Greatness on the Cheap

In China, it’s not the chicken or the egg quandary. It’s the rice or the noodle.

Fine Diving: Madison Diner

Belly up to the Madison’s counter (inside Madison Bowl) for incredible omelettes, pancakes light enough to defy gravity, and chicken wings.

Try This: Blue Oven Bakery’s Coconut Croissant

It's flaky, moist, chewy, and crisp in all the right places.

Fine Diving: J & W Sandwich Shoppe

All hail ye olde sandwich shoppe.

Top 5 Local Chili Parlors

Would you throw down for your local chili parlor? You’re not alone. There are few more divisive subjects in Cincinnati than chili. We rounded up five neighborhood spots worth your notice—and maybe your loyalty.

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