Cookie Craze at Cate’s Cookie Kitchen

Cate Busse takes cookies to the next level.

Try This: The Coffee Cake at The Coffee Exchange

Every Saturday morning I walk to Coffee Exchange in Pleasant Ridge to pick up coffee, which is great, and coffee cake, which is the greatest.

Transparent Pie Is A Thing, And You Should Try It

Not to be confused with that Southern staple chess pie, the transparent pies and tarts from Magee’s Bakery in Maysville feature the addition of milk to their decadent filling.

Try This: Allez Bakery

Tom McKenna spent four years as a line cook at now-defunct Northside farm-to-table institution Slims before switching his focus to bread.

O Pie O Has All the Pie

Choose sweet or savory, by the slice or "pocket pie."

A Better Babka

This holiday treat is somehow cake, bread, pastry, and croissant all in one.

Behold the Glory that is Fat Ben’s Bakery Pastry Pockets

One local baker gives Pop-Tarts a beautiful upgrade.

Try This: Blue Oven Bakery’s Coconut Croissant

It's flaky, moist, chewy, and crisp in all the right places.

3 Sweet Girls and One Serious Sugar Craving

Surrounded by the pastel walls and candy colored drawings created by the mother-and-daughters team, the shop feels like a giant frosted cake.

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