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A Discovery by Archaeologists from the University of Cincinnati Could Rewrite History

Historians and archaeologists were astounded at the discovery of one extraordinarily small and precise Minoan bead, the likes of which had never been seen before.

An Ode to Cincinnati’s Humidity

Humidity. It's a fact. An atmospheric reality that’s plagued the Ohio River Valley for summers immemorial.

Live the Lake (Erie) Life This Summer

Skip the 12-hour trip to Florida and head to Ohio’s own waterfront, Lake Erie. Experience the cool, deep-blue waters of the Great Lakes at Marblehead. 

A Safari Sleepover in Cincinnati

At the Cincinnati Zoo’s adults-only Twiga Overnight, you’ll be transported to the Sahara, but with most of the comforts of home. 

Your Guide to the City of Light

Because Paris is always a good idea.

Matthew Kelly is on a Mission to Bring People Back to the Catholic Church

Bestselling author, business consultant, and public speaker Matthew Kelly has built a successful brand, but his real calling is bringing people back to the Catholic Church.

Lighting the Way

Scripps Howard Foundation focuses on boosting childhood literacy

Meet the New Scripps

The Cincinnati-based media giant has embraced the news industry's new-age digital revolution by investing in old-school journalism. Will it work?

A Three-Step Plan for Your Best Weekend, Right Here

Obviously it starts with brunch.

We Tried Out That Budget Iceland Flight And Here’s What You Need To Know

Should you book that flight to Iceland on the discount airline? Our correspondent tried it, and (spoiler alert) the answer is yes.

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