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Welcome To Middlehood: A Deal With My Dead Dad

I'm still seeking fatherly advice from beyond the grave.

Dr Know: Security Cameras in Hyde Park, 1920s Car Engines, and Where Did the...

"There’s a security camera affixed to a utility pole on Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park, facing the intersection at Edwards. It creeps me out."

Cincy Obscura: If These Tunnels Could Talk

It’s easy to miss cruising along Eastern Avenue. Covered in moss and untamed foliage, the entrance to this 101-year-old East End pedestrian tunnel—and its Riverside Drive twin—blends into the earthy hillside it intersects.

Letter From The Editor: November 2018

Our “Shop the Queen City” package (page 54) celebrates 70-plus retail businesses across the region, but we could have easily highlighted twice the number given the swell of entrepreneurship sweeping Cincinnati.

Dr. Know: Queen City Burger Kings, a 60 Minutes Mystery, and How Pendleton Got...

Rather than make a chart showing the dizzying array of Juniors and The Thirds, let’s just say that the East End Railroad Pendletons were related to the Over-the-Rhine Politics Pendletons.

Letter From The Editor: October 2018

Not that long ago, it would have been unthinkable for real estate developers to rehab a historic office building, tear down a multi-level garage, or dig up a surface parking lot to create hundreds of new apartments and condos. It’s a new downtown for a new Cincinnati.

Getting Rid of What’s Not Worth Worrying About, With Swear Words

When you give a fuck about too many things, you can’t focus on giving a fuck only about the things that bring you joy or truly matter. In the same way you tackle your wild sock drawer, you have to systematically go through all the fucks you’re giving, sort them into piles, and throw away the ones sapping your energy for absolutely no good reason.

Letter From The Editor: September 2018

September is like a Venn diagram of the best of summer (warm days, green trees, blooming flowers) and the best of fall (cooler evenings, Oktoberfest, new football and arts seasons).

Dr. Know: Fashion by the New York Times, City Hall Crosses, and Central Cincinnati

My mother says that during the 1970s, The New York Times operated a chain of clothing stores in Cincinnati. Newspapers were once big and...

Dr. Know: Masonic Calendars, Commercial Breaks, and a Zip’s Scandal

I was walking past the Cincinnati Masonic Center on East Fifth Street and saw that its cornerstone says “A.L. 5926.” What is A.L.? And when was 5926?

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