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Letter From The Editor: September 2018

September is like a Venn diagram of the best of summer (warm days, green trees, blooming flowers) and the best of fall (cooler evenings, Oktoberfest, new football and arts seasons).

Dr. Know: Fashion by the New York Times, City Hall Crosses, and Central Cincinnati

My mother says that during the 1970s, The New York Times operated a chain of clothing stores in Cincinnati. Newspapers were once big and...

Dr. Know: Masonic Calendars, Commercial Breaks, and a Zip’s Scandal

I was walking past the Cincinnati Masonic Center on East Fifth Street and saw that its cornerstone says “A.L. 5926.” What is A.L.? And when was 5926?

Remembering When “Fake News” Was Fun

The uncensored story of Plummet Mall

Letter from the Editor: August 2018

Do our kids spend less time outdoors these days than we did at their age? It sure seems like it. (Spoiler alert: Here comes a “back in my day” story.)

The Uncle Al Show Was a Cincinnati Rite of Passage–Like It or Not

Scary for some, the show's formula had been established to bring mirth and joy to the vast majority of children.

Letter from the Editor: July 2018

Life has just a few milestone moments when we face radical, disrupting change. Otherwise we swim steadily in the “now,” usually unaware of the incremental changes around us. Our city's lifespan can be viewed in a similar fashion.

Family Trips and Potato Chips: Connecting with Cousins

Whether it was graduations (someone was always matriculating), the Ketteler picnic (my dad’s side), or the Seiler Reunion (my mom’s), being with my cousins in the summer came to equal a kind of freedom.

Dr. Know: The Roebling’s Hums, Outdated Signs, and Hidden Memorials

There was that time in 1922 when a boat caught fire directly beneath the Roebling, making firemen frantically hose down the floor to keep it from igniting. 

The Mt. Adams Retaining Wall Is Almost Done–Finally

The wall is currently getting a faux stone-masonry facing, as well as some tweaks and repairs. Everything should finish up by this summer, finally completing a project that dates back to 1969.

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