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Meet the Woman Creating a Newspaper for Inmates

Tracy Brumfield, a former heroin addict and inmate, founded RISE, a monthly newspaper printed for and written by inmates in Cincinnati jails.

Tableside with Melissa Clark, Food Columnist

This New York Times food columnist has nearly 40 cookbooks under her belt, sparked a guacamole debate so fervent even President Obama had to chime in, and will speak May 10 at downtown’s Mercantile Library.

Meet Karen Kurak, Dream Weaver

She's a massotherapist, visual artist, and art therapist: Karen Kurak’s life and career have taken an organic path, and that’s how she regards her art, too.

Silver Mettle: This 90-Year-Old is in Better Shape Than You

Dick Soller was born in 1927, and has spent the last 35 as an accomplished senior-circuit track and field athlete. All told, Soller has won 1,050 trophies, medals, or plaques.

Beryl Love Returns Home – and to The Cincinnati Enquirer

Love is back as executive editor in charge of his hometown paper. He talks about his priorities, the challenges of the industry, and why no one calls when they’re happy.

Pet Adoption Meets Vinyl Addiction

One man's 'gram showcases his favorite records and his newest cat adoptions.

Steve Kissing is Publishing a Price Hill Based Graphic Novel

The graphic novel version of Kissing's memoir about a childhood spent wrestling with epilepsy is due out early this year.

Conversations With American Ninja Warrior’s Nati Ninja

James Wilson, 30, is the Nati Ninja—a four-season American Ninja Warrior competitor shown recently on NBC, leaping across the Razor’s Edge obstacle, landing hard, fracturing a rib, and still muscling across (most) of a suspended ring element.

Baller From The Holler

Jean Dowell was a ground-breaking athlete and collegiate basketball coach. Now, with an unlikely second act (and a guitar), she is bringing it all back home.

Maureen Wood Spent A Lifetime Creating A Sense Of Home For Others

Wood, who died suddenly on May 27, was one of Cincinnati’s most prolific and visionary social activists. “She lived the change she wanted to make in the world.”

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