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What Will Come of the Terrace Plaza Hotel?

If you’ve ever strolled past the deserted Terrace Plaza Hotel at Sixth and Vine streets, one of two things has likely gone through your...

Lombardy Flats: The Enduring Charms of a Hannaford Novelty

In 1880s America, there were basically three urban housing options: mansions with a full allotment of servants for the affluent, residential hotels for the merely well-to-do, and tenements for the great unwashed. The Emery brothers built Cincinnati’s first apartment buildings with suites of three to five rooms all on one floor.

The Mt. Adams Retaining Wall Is Almost Done–Finally

The wall is currently getting a faux stone-masonry facing, as well as some tweaks and repairs. Everything should finish up by this summer, finally completing a project that dates back to 1969.

This Garage is Frozen in Time

The large clock cemented into the Town Center Garage’s hands don’t move and its face wears a few cracks, but that’s not stopping its rightful owners from wanting it back.

The University of Cincinnati’s Changing Landscape

Is UC's campus still an architectural darling?

From Bucktown To Vanceville: Cincinnati’s Lost 19th Century Neighborhoods

Today, 52 neighborhoods comprise the city of Cincinnati, from Sayler Park to Mount Washington. But there are neighborhoods that survive only in musty newspaper files and mysterious street names.

Finding Kenyon Barr Documents the Wholesale Demolition of the Lower West End

Large-scale photographs explore what came before Queensgate, with panel discussions to further delve into a lost neighborhood.

Rehabbing MainStrasse, One Property At a Time

What started with a convenience project has blossomed into a mission to steer Covington’s MainStrasse toward stabilization.

Cincy Obscura: Dennison Hotel’s Last Stand

It began as an ironworks company in 1892. It ended as rubble after the battle between the Columbia Development Group (a division of Joseph Auto) and preservation activists.

The Cincinnati Archdiocese Archives Are Hiding In Plain Sight

The basement of the Civil War–era building behind St. Louis Church is filled with concrete to support the weight of it all.

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