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Best New Restaurants 2014


Location is not everything. Exhibit A: Absolutely amazing Oaxacan tacos can be found in a small strip mall on Madison Road, overshadowed by a full-service car wash.

Best New Restaurants 2014: Zula

Zula is no one-trick pony.


This year, M Wood Fired Oven started to hit its stride, settling into a streamlined menu with flavors that don’t stray too far from the owner’s Mediterranean roots.


A restaurant need not be loud to be triumphant, and Chef Michael Paley’s cuisine quietly focuses its energy on finely tuned flavors with both skill and restraint.


Boca’s third incarnation, powerful and refined, is a pitch-perfect aria that shatters conventional expectations while proffering rich, complex dishes originally created for comfort.


The buzz surrounding José Salazar’s eponymous new OTR bistro could have powered the imminent streetcar for a week.


Since opening last spring, Kaze has quickly established itself as a front-runner in Over-the-Rhine's restaurant renaissance.