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Best New Restaurants 2014


Boca’s third incarnation, powerful and refined, is a pitch-perfect aria that shatters conventional expectations while proffering rich, complex dishes originally created for comfort.


The buzz surrounding José Salazar’s eponymous new OTR bistro could have powered the imminent streetcar for a week.


Since opening last spring, Kaze has quickly established itself as a front-runner in Over-the-Rhine's restaurant renaissance.


Located in the subterranean space formerly inhabited by La Normandie, diners descend into a haunting grotto of exposed beams and candlelit tables.

Quan Hapa

The Nguyen brothers, Duy and Bao, along with partner David Le, have followed up on Pho Lang Thang’s success at Findlay Market by bursting onto the OTR scene with some of the boldest flavors in the city.

The Eagle OTR

The job of Joe and John Lanni seems comically obvious. Find food concepts people enjoy and dish out some damn good grub.


Location is not everything. Exhibit A: Absolutely amazing Oaxacan tacos can be found in a small strip mall on Madison Road, overshadowed by a full-service car wash.

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