Fantastic Fries and Where to Find Them

Your burger needs a side, and by side we mean fries. These 11 spots serve the very best.

What’s a burger without a side of starch-y goodness? Lucky for us, they aren’t all French. These delicious fry dishes are great with a sandwich or, in some cases, big enough to be meals on their own.

Quan Hapa fries
Quan Hapa’s sesame waffle fries

Photograph by Lance Adkins

Herbs and Feta Fries

Some fries aren’t really about the fries—what makes them amazing is the seasoning. Dean’s Mediterranean Imports excels at this. Its wild herbs and feta (made with olive oil, za’atar spice, and Bulgarian feta) is so well seasoned, you don’t even need the harissa ketchup it comes with, but the earthy condiment of coriander, cumin, and garlic is a delightful addition.


Our geographical cousins to the north have given us some great gifts over the years—Trivial Pursuit, IMAX, standard time—but none greater than poutine. This dish of fries covered in cheese curds and brown gravy can be found all over town, including at Northside Yacht Club, Senate, and Incline Public House. Price Hill Chili even has a Greek version with feta cheese, and Sacred Beast’s iteration uses lobster gravy. Oh, Canada!

Seafood Fries

Getting good, fresh seafood in a landlocked locale like Cincinnati is a treat, but getting expertly seasoned, Cajun-style seafood served over French fries? *Chef’s kiss* With plump pieces of shrimp and meaty chunks of crab, K&J’s seafood fries are a meal onto themselves.

Gravy and Cheese Fries

Many a Xavier University alum could tell you about ending alcohol-fueled nights at Pleasant Ridge Chili with a plate of gravy and cheese fries. But you don’t have to be a drunken college student to enjoy them. The recipe may be top secret, but the saucy concoction of shredded cheddar cheese and housemade gravy melting over crispy fries is a hometown favorite.

Yuca Fries

Yuca (or cassava), a root vegetable native to South America, is a staple in lots of Latin American cuisine. Lucky for us we have several Latin and Latin-inspired restaurants with potato-like side dish on their menus. Whether tossed in garlic butter and served with cilantro crema (Maize) or served with guava habanero barbecue sauce (MashRoots), you’ll love this hot take on fries.

Sesame Waffle Fries

Why a restaurant like Quan Hapa—with its mostly Vietnamese menu items—serves fries is beyond us, but we’re thankful that it does. At first glance, the sesame seasoning of the fries (complemented by the spicy sriracha ketchup) might leave you to wonder if you’re ordering from the right menu. Just know that the flavors aren’t misplaced—they’re right where they belong.

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