Wedding Insider: 60-Second Trend Preview

A quick-and-dirty guide to the best wedding trends of the year.

For the bride-to-be on the go, here’s a quick preview of trends you’ll be seeing through the rest of 2015:

  1. Moscow mule mugs are the new mason jars. Fill ’em up with flowers, sweet treats, or of course, cocktails.
  2. Planter boxes are taking over tables as centerpieces, guest favors, and even as hanging “chandeliers”!
  3. Food bars have been invading receptions for years, and they’re getting even quirkier: think bacon bars (this is Porkopolis, after all), waffle bars, or even a chili bar where guests can make their own 3-way.
  4. Be on the lookout for infused water, especially at summer weddings. Think interesting combinations of fruits and herbs for delectable (non-alcoholic) drinks.
  5. More couples are incorporating heritage traditions into their special day. Think Scottish kilts, Mexican wedding cookies, and jumping the broom.
  6. We’ll still be seeing custom signage with directions, table numbers, place cards, etc. The charming mini chalkboards, laser-cut wood, and picture frames are here to stay.
  7. The vintage furniture trend is sticking around, too, with more companies offering rental services and help with transportation and setup.
  8. The chandelier and hanging cake trends give new meaning to upside down cake!
  9. After what seems like a lifetime of strapless sweetheart necklines, dresses with sleeves are making a comeback! Also keep an eye out for jeweled necklines, tattoo lace, and the rise of funky menswear. No standard black tuxes for these guys.
  10. Trinidad James was right: All gold everything is where it’s at. From flatware to bridesmaid dresses, yellow gold is still the metal of the moment.
  11. Don’t be afraid to go bold with houndstooth prints, bright color palettes, and high contrast stripes.

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